Verduners Helping Local Fire Victims

Terrible fire the other night left some families out in the cold, some losing most of their stuff. But Verduner’s have responded quickly and generously by giving many needed items such as clothing. Stopped in at L’autonome on Wellington, it’s very busy, but very organized. Such a great community effort!


Here is the latest message from the Mayor.

“The generosity of Verdunois and even elsewhere is incredible!

Tomorrow we will be at 4718 Wellington Street from noon to 5pm.

We got a lot of clothes and toys for all . We now need housewares: dishes, utensils, dishcloths, towels, trinkets etc …
In addition, we will also take monetary donations to buy what is missing.

Our goal is to rebuild these families as soon as possible.

Everything will go directly to the victims of the disaster. The overstock will go directly to people in need in Verdun.

Thank you to all for your generosity, to the volunteers who answered the call and to our local merchants: Lilli Bulle, IGA Champagne and Sweet Lee’s for their support!”

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