Hobo Leisure Camp

Just looked at the “about” page here for the first time in forever and realized I have never talked about the picture I used over there. Anyway, this was in a small space off Highway 20 in the West Island that I stumbled upon and explored. I was a bit surprised to find a lot of odd different things stashed in these “woods” though it probably had something to do with the nearby parking lot and people sneaking trash into a spot where it would be out of sight and no longer their responsibility. In those days I used to carry a spray can of blue paint in case I wanted to write *Neath* somewhere and one day I took a bunch of this stuff and assembled it in a little clearing, did some spraying and this is the result. I was stuck with the idea that in this age of reusing and recycling how these apparently useless materials could be almost luxurious for someone like a hobo to come upon by the side of a major freeway. This was probably around 2002.



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