Special Event – Jam Report #5

Overflowing house Friday night as a bunch of things were happening as well as the Jam. Politicians came by, lots of artists were networking, Rocky Mt Lo led a ribbon weave art workshop for kids in the basement, poetry readings, and, of course, some great music!

Wally Dae and Daniel Ranger getting it all going.


Despite the rain it was pretty warm and friendly in the cafe.

Filled up pretty fast.


Projet Montreal Borough Councillor Luc Gagnon chatting with Patrizia Buffone, Jewelry Maker Monelle Blouin,  painter Jocelyne Menard and painter Joanne Egglefield


Poet Jocelyne Langlois, Projet Montreal Borough Councillor Marie-Andree Mauger,  painter Ingrid Vandenhecke and friend.

Wally Dae chatting with Borough Mayor Jean Francois Parenteau.

Wally and Mayor

Probably discussing the finer points of song recording.

This special evening was a celebration of the artists of Empreintes d’artistes and their work now on display in the warm friendly environment of Cafe Kali.

But it was also an evening to pay tribute to Valerie Lamirande, stained glass artist and President of Empreintes d’artistes.  A veteran promoter of art and artists, Val has worked tirelessly to make everything you see here at Cafe Kali a reality. Through determination and vision she has brought Empreintes d’artistes to the next level where it can now be a driving force for art in the community in Verdun. The future looks very good! Thanks so much, Val, for all you have done, none of this would have happened without you!

Projet Montreal Borough Councillor and Verdun Borough Mayor Jean Francois Parenteau with Valerie Lamirande and host Luz Garcia de Zielinski.


Art will always overcome differences and work for solutions.


Valerie Lamirande and Luz Garcia de Zielinski

Also present was Marc Olivier Simard speaking on behalf of local Member of the National Assembly, Jacques Daoust.


Quite a night of honours.

And the final word goes to Fani, proprietor of Cafe Kali.


*Mom, I want a cookie*

Group shot of all the participating artists.


Now to try and dig one up that has me in it for a change. 🙂

Jocelyne Langlois reciting poetry in French while Francois Beaumont provides musical accompaniment.


Jocelyne Langlois is an accomplished poet and painter and some of her works are on sale at Cafe Kali.

Luz Garcia de Zielinski reciting poetry in Spanish.


Luz is also a sculptor and a painter. That is one of her paintings in the window.

And Alfred Hepworth reciting poetry in English.


Alfred is also a visual artist who has some photographs and a couple of paintings on display here.

Back to the music with Wally Dae and Ray Garneau.


Ray is becoming our unofficial percussion master.

And a couple of tunes from Verdun singer songwriter Daniel Ranger.


There is a perfect mix of different styles at the Jam.


Much movement in and out of the cafe tonight.

Rocky Mt Lo was running a workshop in ribbon weave art for kids downstairs.


Rocky does fundraisers for good causes all year round.

And Luz Garcia de Zielinski leading some live painting activities.


I used to work with Luz many years ago at a community art organization downtown so this is just like old times.

Stained glass reindeer by Valerie Lamirande make great Christmas items.


Where’s Santa?

Barry MacPherson going solo.


The accordion is in the house.


Marie Andree Joly, Craig Girardin, Barry MacPherson

Full band to take it home.


Craig Girardin, Marie-Andree Girardin, Wally Dae, Barry MacPherson, Ray Garneau, Robby Daug.



Awesome gypsy rock and roll.

One last picture.


Bottom line? She had a blast!

And so that was it, a night not to be missed. I would like to thank everyone who helped to make this event such a great success and to all the participants who make all the behind the scenes preparations worth it. Big thanks to all the artists. And to  the musicians who are the raison d’etre of the Friday Night Jam, Thanks!!

And just a reminder that the Jam will continue every Friday evening at 6 at Cafe Kali, 5200 Verdun avenue. Stay tuned for some exciting news about the Jam in December. Coming soon!

Also Cafe Kali will continue to display the art of the members of Empreintes d’artistes throughout December and January (it changes on the first Friday of each month) so do make a point of dropping in anytime during opening hours.

One way you can help us to continue to bring you these quality events is by becoming a member of Emprientes d’artists (only $35.00 per year) and/or by becoming a volunteer, so email me or contact me on Facebook for how you can go about getting involved in this unique artist run non profit organization.

Produced by Empreintes d’artistes.

2 responses to “Special Event – Jam Report #5

  1. Great coverage of a truly interesting and much needed event…so important for creative types (aka Artists) to network and encourage the development of one another’s creative talents.

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