Jam at Cafe Kali in Verdun

Last night was our 2nd edition of the Jam and it was a truly good time. The musicians work very well together, the people love the casual environment and it all comes together nicely.  Wally Dae is one of the greatest unknown singer songwriters of our time so it is a particular pleasure to have him as our Special Guest for the month of November. The Jam is every Friday at 6 pm at Cafe Kali – 5200 Verdun (corner Desmarchais) Metro Verdun. Did I mention that it is free?

I belong to the local artist’s association, Empreintes d’artistes, and the Jam is our first weekly event. In the coming days we will will be setting up an art boutique at Cafe Kali and the general public is invited to come in and check out a very eclectic range of art, hand made items, and more. The Grand Opening of the boutique is on November 27 at 5, and there will be a Jam that night as well. Hope to see you there!

Neath Turcot

It’s an intimate space with surprisingly good acoustics.

Neath Turcot

Francois Beaumont, Ray Garneau, Daniel Ranger, Barry MacPherson

Wally Dae

Wally Dae


Jerome LeBlanc sat in on percussion for the last half hour.

Neath Turcot

These people know a dance floor when they see one.


Some artists were bringing in their work for the boutique so we had the jam in a room filled with creativity, very inspiring!

Sound quality is not so good with this camera but it’s really nice live.

And the Jam is a moveable feast.

Jam apres Jam.

Neath Turcot Photography

Wally Dae and Barry MacPherson.


With Valerie Lamirande. Val is a stained glass artist and, as President, the driving force behind Empreintes d’artistes. Without her none of this cool stuff happens. Thanks, Val!!

Neath Turcot Photography

Ray Garneau, Wally Dae, Barry MacPherson

What a fantastic night!

And don’t forget to check out the Empreintes d’artistes Facebook page!

4 responses to “Jam at Cafe Kali in Verdun

  1. Wow….you certainly know how to cover an event…..Great stuff !….and you’re right to say that artists need precisely the kind of resource that “Emprientes d’artistes” is providing….Also love the art work on this page.

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