Symposium d’Arts Interculturels – SAI Part 2

Things were a tad slower on Sunday as we plunged deeper into this oppressive heat wave but the spirit was not broken.

Photograph by Neath Turcot

Greeting people

Photograph by Neath Turcot

Aarmèse DeLavoie with Luz Garcia de Zielinski

Photograph by Neath Turcot

Peinture en direct

Photograph by Neath Turcot

Painter Juan C. Raggo at work

Photograph by Neath Turcot

If a clown shows up it must be pinata time

2015-08-16 12.32.21

Ana Gloria Blanch of Casa C.A.F.I. animating with the kids

Photographs by Neath Turcot

Not going to be as easy as it looks

Photograph by Neath Turcot

Waiting for the perfect moment

2015-08-16 12.40fg

Projet Montreal Bourough Councillor Luc Gagnon takes a swing

Photograph by Neath Turcot

About to fall open

Photography by Neath Turcot

Plenty for everyone

2015-08-16 12.39ew

Stained glass artist Valerie Lamirande with sculptor Luz Garcia de Zielinski

Photograph by Neath Turcot

Pass the chicken

Photography by Neath Turcot

Good exercise too

Photograph by Neath Turcot

Donna Lariviere

Photograph by Neath Turcot

It’s coming along

Photograph by Neath Turcot

Puppet show

Photograph by Neath Turcot

Another pinata, this group of kids decides to get real

Photograph by Neath Turcot

Going the long way

Photograph by Neath Turcot

Future major leaguer?

Photograph by Neath Turcot

Party time

Photograph by Neath Turcot

Ribbon Weave artist Rocky Mt Lo showing details from one of his books

Photograph by Neath Turcot

Beautiful mirrors and picture frames made with recycled materials by Verdun artist Sophie Le Moing. You have to touch these things to understand how wonderfully she has reworked the material.

2015-08-16 17.34df

Not a bad community painting for this Sunday’s edition of Hello Art!

Photograph by Neath Turcot

Luc Gagnon picking a ticket out of the jar.

Photograph by Neath Turcot

And the winner is…

Photograph by Luc Gagnon

Luc Gagnon with winner Gaetan Lussier Photo: Patrizia Buffone


From left to right – Projet Montreal Borough Councillor Luc Gagnon, Valerie Lamirande, Neath Turcot, Gaetan Lussier, Helen Pitre. Luc made the whole thing happen. Helen and I assisted Val in the making of the lamp which was won by Gaetan. Awesome experience! Photo: Patrizia Buffone

Many thanks go to the organizers of this special event – Projet Montreal Borough Councillor Luc Gagnon,  stained glass artist Valerie Lamirande (Working Glass Hero), and Ana Gloria Blanch of Casa C.A.F.I.  It was a remarkable success for a first edition, especially during this heat wave, and I am looking forward to doing it again in the years to come because this is the kind of event that can only grow into something that will continue to put Verdun on the map where arts and culture and good people of all shapes and sizes and colours will come together for a weekend of creativity, fun, and sharing.


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