The Pool Hall in Verdun

This is the block on Verdun avenue between Desmarchais and Melrose. On top of the Dollarama was The Pool Hall, a snooker hall where my generation basically hung out, grew up fast, and a lot of firsts were experienced such as smoking your first joint or dropping acid for the first time. It was the late 60’s.

Photograph by Neath Turcot

It officially closed a few years ago and the building was vacant for a few years until this recent development. Who thought the place would ever end up being condos on top of a dollar store?
I hung around the pool hall from when I was about 13 to 16 years old. There was actually some pretty good snooker players that worked there in case anyone gets the idea this was some kind of lame teenage hangout. It was, more or less, everything pool rooms are supposed to be, and for many of us in dry Verdun, a community center. Got to meet some of the best people ever there. And some major assholes.
I wish they had kept the sign, a little heritage tip of the hat to my generation that grew up in a Verdun that was the third largest city in Quebec before the Laval merger.
You can go back, but what was there may be gone.


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