The Verdun Auditorium

Volunteered at an event today in the reception area on the second floor of the Dennis Savard Arena which is an annex of the Verdun Auditorium the former having been built, I think, in the late 70’s/early 80’s. There are windows in the room that allow you to watch whatever is happening on the rink. I got lucky today and got to see parts of a couple of hockey games. The first was girls who appeared to be in the 8-10 age range and the next one was boys probably in the 10-12 range. The game is pure at that age, no serious bodychecking, fighting, or general nastiness, just kids having fun. The Verdun boys beat Montreal West 7-0 which featured the captain of the Verdun team coming down the wing and letting go a slap shot from the bottom of the face off circle for a goal. The shot was almost in slow motion compared to what you see with the pros on TV and it was a beautiful goal, but with the score so lopsided there was a limited celebration. And you could just feel the little goaltender already replaying it in his mind as he hit the ice totally convinced he should have had that one. These kids showed some class.

Well, I could go on about this place as it did play a role in my formative years but will save that for another post, another time. The sad news is that the Verdun Auditorium will probably be demolished in the near future as apparently it’s roof cannot be repaired under existing building codes, or something technical like that. Like the Natatorium, it is a local landmark where thousands upon thousands of people have wonderful memories of time spent there.

Phot by Neath Turcot

Only handy image I have of the front from my ongoing “Bus Stops” series. Dennis Savard arena is on the left mostly obscured in this shot.

Photograph by Neath Turcot

My camera’s auto focus got caught on the tiny metal lines in the glass but I kind of like this one.

Photograph by Neath Turcot

Moved next door and here is the doors from the lobby. Untold amounts of people have passed through those doors in anticipation of a good game. And the likes of Bob Dylan, The Clash, and Stomping Tom Connors have played concerts here.

Photograph by Neath Turcot

The view as you walk in. Good to see the rink still busy.

Photograph by Neath Turcot

View from the top of the regular stands.

Photograph by Neath Turcot

Not really any bad seats in the house.

Photograph by Neath Turcot

The upper deck. And standing room on the landing.


They used to sell a lot of hot dogs in the Casse Croute under the upper deck.


Skyboxes? Perhaps part of the effort to bring junior hockey back to Verdun, but at 40 bucks a pop it’s not hard to figure out why that didn’t work.

And a mediocre wiki page – The Verdun Auditorium




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