9 Years.

Yep, been 9 years since I started this blog today! Had no idea  where it was going when it started but I did get to participate in the largest ongoing “single issue” protest movement in the history of the city. We didn’t win but it’s really difficult to look back and think of it as a  loss in any way. A lot of doors were opened, plenty of consciousness raising, and some strong connections were established. Still proud to know all the awesome people I got to meet from 2005-2010 and continue to see around town.
It’s been sort of quiet here in recent years but I am still here and who knows when I may become a full time artist/activist again (it’s hard after a thing the size and scope of Turcot to get excited over just anything 🙂 ).


The Superhospital probably has some great views of Turcot Yards.


One major victory was the saving of the north side of Cazelais street but the freeway is getting closer.


780 Saint Remi – still standing but empty and just a matter of time before it gets demolished. This was not long ago one of the coolest places you could live in Montreal and what a neighborhood!


*Je ne suis pas la concierge*



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