Disgraceful Street Work In Verdun

For many, many years one of the most common pedestrian complaints on Wellington street has been the less than ideal condition of the granite tiles that run up the center of the sidewalks. People have tripped and fallen from getting a foot stuck on an uprooted tile or one that has sank or is to some degree not flush with the sidewalk.
Recently Maçonnerie Gratton was awarded a contract to fix the tiles. You would think that being a well known business with over 60 years in experience in Verdun that nothing less than a good, effective professional job would be done.

Not really.

The “work”  in the pictures was done on Thursday or early Friday and “barricades” were to be set up to allow the stones to “set” for at least a few days. Considering that it has been raining all day today, Saturday, it is a lot less likely that these tiles are going to set properly.

Street,Verdun,Work,Photogrph by Neath Turcot

On Friday with two other people I saw a blind woman with a cane almost trip over this configuration.

Street,Verdun,Wellington,Work,Photograph by Neath Turcot

This just looks like it must be breaking multiple by laws.

Street,Verdun,Work,Photograph by Neath Turcot

Not sure what is going on here but the bucket at the far left is supposedly holding down a tile.

Street,Wellington,Verdun,Photograph by Neath Turcot

Infrastructure taxes at work… does anyone, anywhere, remember how to do this properly?

I spoke to one Wellington street property owner today who said that it looks like the City went to a bar in Cote Saint Paul and decided to award the contract to the most drunk person they could find. And that these pieces of asphalt lying around are a vandal’s midnight invitation to a bunch of broken windows.

It is a disgrace, let alone embarrassing. Lots of money is being given to a contractor who appears to have zero interest in accountability, let alone any pride in a job well done. This sort of thing needs to be stopped immediately!



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