And the Flooding Accelerates…

Originally posted on Global Climate Change :

As we approach summer in the northern hemisphere, torrential rains are happening with increasing frequency.  One thing we can say with confidence, the water cycle (or hydrologic cycle ) is intensifying due to climate change.

The Balkans, as everyone is aware, have experienced catastrophic flooding due to literally experiencing three months of rain in two days. To grasp the severity of these floods, a beautiful, yet haunting, video was shot in Croatia.

What has been referred to as ‘historic-level’ rains, led to flooding in south China, killed 19 people, and destroyed over 3000  structures.

In the US, heavy rains, flooding and possible tornadoes battered many parts in the United States.

This is only the beginning of what promises to be a wild year in weather. This is especially true if the El Nino event happens later on this year.  There are concerns that this will rival the 1997-1998…

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