Construction On Gordon Avenue, Verdun

After being a vacant lot for 6 or 7 years condos are finally being built at the old CKVL location and also at the former parking lot across the street. Inevitable, perhaps, but two of the biggest obstacles in preserving worthy heritage properties, and CKVL was an Art Deco building of some significance in Verdun, is local property owners who fear that their taxes may go up if the city does not build more condos and that their own property values may rise when new private housing is built, double edged, but it does explain in part why their is very little political will to preserve local heritage buildings or public spaces.

Photograph by Neath Turcot

Saint Clement’s church on the left, former CKVL site in the rear.

Photograph by Neath Turcot

Going to be some major loss of sunshine for those flats in the back.

Photograph by Neath Turcot

A look up the center lane between Gordon and Rielle.

Photograph by Neath Turcot

Looking towards Rielle. Block of flats on the left is unusual in that their back balconies are on the side and the front looks into the back of the flats on Rielle.




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