Katie Rentzke

Excellent street photographer who works for social change.

Urban Voice Youth Photographic Project is a program that gives an artistic voice to underprivileged youth by teaching them basic photography skills. The project goals are to use the camera to motivate youth’s discovery of the world around them, show youth that they have a voice in that world and give them a positive outlet to express that voice. The project not only teaches youth the creative skill of photography but also uses educational mechanisms to assist with improving social studies knowledge, literacy and speech comprehension. This project has been implemented amongst a homeless population of inner city Atlanta, Georgia as well as amongst township adolescents in the informal settlements of Mannenberg and Gugulethu, South Africa. If you would like to know more about Urban Voice or if you would like to implement a similar project please contact Katie Rentzke.

Picture of kids with graffiti in Atlanta by Katie Rentzke

Katie Rentzke

Steet kids in Atlanta taking pictures by katie rentzke

Katie Rentzke

People in Cape Town by Katie Rentzke

Katie Rentzke

people walking in Cape Town by Katie Rentzke

Katie Rentzke

Check out more work at Katie Rentzke


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