8 responses to “More Winter

      • Maple Ridge, British Columbia, where it rains and rains and rains, usually – you know – suicide weather – although the statistics probably don’t show it. But your winter does possess its own form of gorgeousness. G

      • Yea, it is beautiful at times for sure, like the west coast rain can be, but not a condition you want to live with with for long stretches at a time, this year winter has been long.

  1. Been meaning to say this for a while, but thanks for posting such awesome photos of Verdun and surroundings. It keeps me feeling connected to the place, despite having moved nearly 12 years ago. Family and friends keeps you connected to the people, and visits somewhat to the place. But seeing familiar sights and circumstances, it’s like a warm wave of familiarity washing over me, peppered with a touch of nostalgia and homesickness, naturally.

    So again, thank you, and well done on awesome shots that capture the spirit of the people and places.

  2. Hi ‘neath’ LesF here, great Verdun shots in the snow I like the 1st one sort of a B&W giving that old feeling just the way I remember it……….Cheers! -Les

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