PDBF Teams Up With Greenpeace to Clean Up the Philippine Seas

Everything that starts changing how we do things is good.

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Kudos to the Philippine Dragon Boat Federation for supporting a noble cause!!

The PDBF recently joined hands with Greenpeace in a charity program aptly called “Paddles Up” at the Manila Bay. The twin objectives of the activity were: to promote awareness for the need to clean up our seas, and at the same time, promote the sport of dragon boating. The event was held last July 7, with the recruits treated to lectures on preserving our seas, as well as the basics in dragon boating, followed by hands-on practical exercises along Manila Bay.

“Paddles Up” was a fund-raising activity that underscores the PDBF’s vision not just for a sound mind and body, but for a sound environment for all. This drive was the first time for the PDBF to embark in a joint activity with Greenpeace, and we hope that this will usher in the beginning of a wonderful partnership…

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