Conceived and created by Devin McDermott and Ethan Folk.
Movement created and performed by Devin McDermott.
Filmed and edited by Ethan Folk.

Score: Rolled Together – The Antlers

Many, many thanks to Ryan Law, Jessica Robinson, Sarah Jo Ward, Alice Gosti, and Darcey Zoller.

Famadihana is a funerary tradition of the Malagasy people in Madagascar. Known as the turning of the bones, people bring forth the bodies of their ancestors from the family crypts and rewrap them in fresh cloth, then dance with the corpses around the tomb to live music.

Here is some other stuff from Ethan Folk.

5 responses to “FAMADIHANA

  1. This is brilliant and wonderful – so many thanks for posting this. I did look at it without sound as I wanted to concentrate on the visual, temporal impact, and find that sound tends to add a layer which complicates, sometimes un-necessarily. So I pretend to be deaf and find that the rhythm and range of motion filmed combined with the black and white plays with positive, negative, symmetry, asymmetry and symbol (death and the maiden, bride of death, dance of death) has tremendous seductiveness and richness. Wow! G

    • It was on a blog of which I cannot remember which one now unfortunately and I simply posted it from Vimeo. I really enjoyed it as I love this kind of short film experience. Do you guys have a website? Didn’t seem to be a whole lot of external information on the video page but I will try to check what looks like a WordPress blog above 🙂

      • No website at the moment – wordpress is for travel writing and photos and all video work is hosted on vimeo. Appreciate the support!

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