Duane Michals

Surreal, Photograph, Man, Ghost,bed,Duane Michals

“Who gives a fuck about what he had for breakfast? These are stylistic ticks. The digital has changed the paradigms of photography. I had an opening in Boston and this woman had a little camera with her and kept exclaiming, ‘Everything is a photograph!’ That’s the problem. The bar has been lowered so much in photography now…” -Duane Michals

Surreal, sleeping,angel,photograph,Duane Michals

“Photographers tend not to photograph what they can’t see, which is the very reason one should try to attempt it. Otherwise we’re going to go on forever just photographing more faces and more rooms and more places. Photography has to transcend description. It has to go beyond description to bring insight into the subject, or reveal the subject, not as it looks, but how does it feel?” -Duane Michals

Child, dream, real,bogeyman, surreal,photograph,duane michaels

Couple,bed,text,proof,photograph,Duane Michals

“The best part of us is not what we see, it’s what we feel. We are what we feel. We are not what we look at . . .. We’re not our eyeballs, we’re our mind. People believe their eyeballs and they’re totally wrong . . .. That’s why I consider most photographs extremely boring–just like Muzak, inoffensive, charming, another waterfall, another sunset. This time, colors have been added to protect the innocent. It’s just boring. But that whole arena of one’s experience–grief, loneliness–how do you photograph lust? I mean, how do you deal with these things? This is what you are, not what you see. It’s all sitting up here. I could do all my work sitting in my room. I don’t have to go anywhere.” – Duane Michals

Pyraminds, stones,building,man,photograph,Duane Michals

Duane Michals

Quotes found at Kalliope Amorphous


3 responses to “Duane Michals

  1. Thank you for posting this – totally how I feel about optical imperialism in art. verisimilitude doesn’t even scratch the surface of the potential to what we can express as questing and curious human beings. G

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