Untitled (The Woman In Red)

This is a work that came about during my recent consolidation of images past, present, (and future?) . The projection happened in the early 90’s when I was experimenting with arbitrary images I had shot on streets, off television sets and so on, then projecting them on houses, walls, backyards, etc. and re photographing them. The columns and woman in a dress were shot in the last two years. It seemed to come together when I noticed how the columns represented an ancient Ideal and the almost impossible task of achieving, and maintaining that,  and how things have really played out despite our best intentions.

Photograph, Neath Turcot, Red Dress, Woman's Face, Columns

Untitled (The Woman In Red)

This picture is currently on display at Cafe Victoria in Verdun until the end of April. It is 20×24 inches, professionally framed and only costs $100.00. If you would like to purchase this, or a print, different sizes available too, please email me at neathatturcot (at) yahoo dot ca

I have become interested in doing a series on the original Woman in Red, Ana Cumpănaș, who apparently fingered John Dillinger to the FBI in the 1930’s. It would probably be a short parody of the urban myths surrounding Ana and Dillinger, but who knows how the ideas could grow if we do it. Any woman who has a markedly red article of clothing, not necessarily a dress, a fun sense of theatre, and a free afternoon or two, and would be interested in collaborating on this is more than welcome to contact me at the email above.


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