Solidarity with IDLE NO MORE and Chief Theresa Spence

Solidarité avec Chief Theresa Spence & Idle No More / Solidarity with IDLE NO MORE and Chief Theresa Spence *BRING DRUMS AND PERCUSSION*

On Friday January 11th, 2013, stand in solidarity with Chief Theresa Spence and all First Nations.

January 11, 2013 1-3pm

1001 Place Jean Paul Riopelle

Between Square Victoria and Place d’Armes Metros

I think it is worth mentioning that it is the most disenfranchised portion of Canadians, who are idle no more.

They are leading the way. Is it not ironic, that they are cherishing this land more then us? Or perhaps its not ironic. Perhaps it is logic, after all the First Nations have been on this land for up to 50 000 years, and such time come a cultural bond with the land.
It is HIGH TIME that non-Aboriginal Canadians woke up, and began to shake off the shackles of apathy.
Apathy is destroying this country. The apathy of the masses is eating this great nation from the inside out.

We as CANADIANS must be united. We must stand as one.
Bring signs, and express your outrage PEACEFULLY and NON VIOLENTLY.
However let your outrage be known **loud** and clear.
It’s time we took back our country from this out of control government. We must make our concerns heard. We must spread the word. It IS our duty.

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