December 6, 1989

I was sitting by myself in a small classroom at Concordia Fine Arts finishing off some booze from a party we were having on the last day of school.  It had been a very interesting semester and I was pretty happy.  Across town at the Universite de Montreal 14 women were being murdered on their last day of the semester, their last class.

I decided to head out to a bar and keep the good vibes going. On the way out a security guard asked me if I had heard anything about a shooting at UVM.  He seemed pretty concerned, but I just said I hadn’t and moved on. It was a beautiful Friday night downtown, that energy that makes young people want to live here, and stay.

As the night went on bits and pieces of information were getting passed on, and it just got worse as time went by. People were dead at UVM.  The other  universities were being watched closely as it seemed every twenty minutes someone would come in and say they heard something also happened at McGill, or UQAM, rumours were all over the map. No one really knew what had happened.

14 women were murdered in their classrooms.


dec 6

It’s hard to believe it has been 23 years since that day.  We saw some of the mother’s  of the victims fight to protect the future for other young woman and the creation of a very well intended long gun registry that got hijacked by partisan politics. Still, Stephen Harper should have been a little more compassionate in his handling of the registry aside from simply scrapping it as he had promised. There was  more than a little symbolism in that registry in regards to all violence against all women in this country, but somehow that no longer counted,  an almost forgotten point as the registry was twisted into a different issue. And that is sad too.

I think those 14 young women deserve better than that.

One response to “December 6, 1989

  1. I too remember, in fact I will never forget. Stephen Harper is an insensitive man, I wonder if he has a ‘soul’, his handling of the gun registry and so many other issues, lead me to doubt it.

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