“Three trees and a Mayan Calendar”

Espace les Neuf Soeurs presents:
“Three trees and a Mayan Calendar”
This Friday November 30 vernissage 5-10 PM
Also open Saturday and Sunday 11 AM to 5 Pm *bring kids!*
 Tree no 1 Artist Arpi is back! He has created a tree using discarded objects as a comment on our throw-away society. He will also have several of his paintings on display and for sale. Arpi’s videos will be on view in the new ‘E space en bas’; here’s a preview.
Tree no 2 Musician and acoustic artist Charles de Mestral’s “Acoustic Tree” will be broadcasting familiar and unfamiliar sounds through 20 speakers mounted on the skeleton of a 200 year old nut tree. This work was a joint creation by Paul Mercier, sculptor, and Charles de Mestral, musician. It dates from 1984.
Tree no 3 Your host Pieter Sijpkes’ Christmas tree will , once again, touch the dome overhead and sparkle with the lights donated by the now -closed Hotel de la Montagne.
The Mayan Clock by Keith Daniels is a ludique comment on the current fascination with things Mayan
Espace les Neuf Soeurs, 1900 Wellington Montreal H3k-1W3; tel: 514 933-1725

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