Montrealers Getting Screwed By Tremblay

C’mon, tell us how you voted for Tremblay again and again and how much you thought he was a good mayor. Tell us you had no idea that there was corruption at City Hall. And tell us us how you figured out that voting for a guy who was “not a separatist” actually did the city any good. The corruption at City Hall has been point blank obvious to anyone paying attention for the last, say, 30 years. The game is over and they want you to kick in 3% on your property taxes. But it’s not likely you will see the irony.

Montreal taxes up 3.3 per cent in 2013 proposed budget

Montreal property taxes would go up an average of 3.3 per cent under the city’s proposed 2013 budget, presented this morning.

The increase would translate into about $100 more for the average homeowner.

Residents of the Plateau Mont-Royal would see the biggest increase, with their tax increasing by 5.7 per cent. Tax increases would be the lowest in Anjou at only 0.5 per cent.

Mayor Gérald Tremblay said the $4.9 billion budget marks a major change, offering for the first time a new structure for financing the boroughs that he says will provide them with more autonomy.

A new tax transfer in the budget plan would allow boroughs the flexibility to make more financial decisions without city approval.

From this Gazoo article.

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