WTSP Zombie Halloween Weekend!

October 26 at 8:00pm until October 29 at 5:00am
6011b Avenue Du Parc, Montreal
Public Event · By Soapbox Screamer Mundafar and Jay Mana-fesOctober 26 at 8:00pm until October 29 at 5:00
As  the We The Sheep People collaborative expands it brings you a new art space/café in Mile End which have now become a cultural center. This Halloween come join us “Zombie Style” with 3 nights till the crack of dawn, in case Vampires will be present 😉


3 Nights of music, art, comedy & and film.

Friday: “A Haunted Country” What life would be like if Harper stayed…ooohh SCARY!!!

In Collaboration with Smoken’ Mirrors lead by WTSP’s very own Mana Fest. A dramatic evening of fun and fear…come on think about it a future WITH Harper….(*chills*)
With special guest Truther Girl Sonia and more to come!

-We The Sheep People
– Smoken Mirrors
– Truther Girl Sonia

Event Page:

– John Glover (WTSP)
– Kush (WTSP)
– Decalso

Saturday: Drop a Leg Dance Night (Electronica + Hip Hop)

– DJ Skoal
– Les Fort Beaux Hommes
– Lucky Lex (WTSP)
– DJ Sterios (WTSP)

World Zombies Unite (World Beat/Jazz Exp.)

– Jonathan Santerre
– Képar-Gui Band

We will also have “La Cuisine Du Peuple” in the house to not only bring you sights and sounds at this event but great aroma’s and flavors as well!


All Details to come with full line up soon….patience dead Jedi…lol

This is a fundraising weekend so please invite all your friends, all proceeds go to “La Gruta” as there are many things to take care of in the opening of a cultural center. We need a whole lot of paint and renovations to boot, so put on your Zombie walkin’ boots and come spend Halloween with us!

Donation @ the door but don’t let being broke stop you!
Drinks on site for suggested donations also.

Stay tuned more news to come, its booking quick!

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