Verdun Lanes – la Fete de la Ruelle

Was on the cool side but lots of people came out to the lane and had a good time.  Many thanks to Francoise Glutnay for organizing this wonderful event!

Meal and coffee for 2 bucks. Nice!

That sort of looks like one of my Verdun Lanes pictures, hey, it IS one of my Verdun Lanes pictures heh heh.

The obligatory sidewalk sale painting at the lane celebration! (wink wink).

The greatest art gallery on the planet! And have to say I  was pretty thrilled to have two projects, Turcot and Verdun Lanes, cross paths like this. It just doesn’t happen like this very often, folks! And, I still have about 8 Turcot pictures nicely framed 20×24 inches as you can see here, for sale! Email me for details at neathatturcot (at) yahoo dot com

I think I like the glare.

Love this. That is probably the most successful photograph I have ever made. It functions on so many invisible levels. It truly summarizes the way I felt at Turcot at times, the whole stupid political struggle, the environment –  it’s my Don Quixote for the 21 st century. But enough about me…


Merci, Francoise et tout le monde for a really great time!

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