The R4 SustainabiliTEA! Public Consultation on Waste at Concordia Public Event

Thursday, October 18
4pm – 6pm
Library Building Atrium, Concordia SGW Campus

Join us for the first sustainabiliTEA of the year!!!!!

The SustainabiliTEA is a monthly event organized by the working groups of Sustainable Concordia to gather the community in a casual, tea drinking setting, for some discussion on sustainability!

R4 and the Zero Waste Campaign will be hosting the first of the year, raising the question: If you’re not for zero waste, then how much waste are you for?

This informal community discussion is an opportunity to learn about Concordia’s waste stream! Join us for a cup of tea and a short introduction given by R4 representatives, to provide context on current initiatives and issues at the university and a visual presentation of the data from the annual university waste audit.

Then, it is your turn! By breaking into groups focused on specific parts of waste output on campus, help brainstorm what else we can be doing!

This is an event to involve the community in making plans and taking definitive action! Join us to participate or to just enjoy your tea and listen.

And here is a relevant blog post entitled  Poop, Pee, and Efficiency

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