Turcot Pictures For Sale

Update: Still 12  10  8 left.

The pictures below are 20X24 and nicely framed. Anyone from outside of Montreal can order a print of various sizes. Some between projects sales would greatly benefit your humble Turcot Yards chronicler!  Very good mid summer prices 🙂 To find out more or make an order please email me at neathatturcot (at) yahoo dot ca



Will be loading more images at Flickr in the next while…Give me a shout!


4 responses to “Turcot Pictures For Sale

  1. What da hell you usin fer a camera Buddy them’s top notch pics!!! I just noticed this week they are tearing down Tri Steel area beside the Laverendrye and church avenue over pass from the expressway … I worked man years ago at Tri Steel…Youv’e really captured the essence of the area…

  2. Sorry, took me forever to see this. I was using film for those shots. And an old Miranda camera. Cheap Japanese from the 60’s but I like the look I got.

  3. These framed ones are $150.00 each. Anything else unframed depends on the size. You can always email me at neathatturcot (at) yahoo dot ca and we can work something out.

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