Sunday Protest In Montreal

It was hot as hell and I really have to admire the spirit of the people who came to march in this heat. This is the real Montreal, having a party even under what many would consider to be serious circumstances. This Revolution likes to have fun!

People gathering at Berri Square.





Drummers are always good in my book.

Obligatory mask shot.


Some speeches were made.


It’s all because of people like this guy, maybe we should thank him?



There was some riot squad cops at the ready but they weren’t needed.


More drummers.



And the march begins.



The support from all  Montrealers is awesome.


Very compressed shot. My guess is that it would be at least a  15 minute walk to the front to the march.


Where is this all leading? Very hard to say right now. But a lot of people in Quebec are quietly organizing for an election where the message will be to vote for anyone but Jean Charest. And if the Ontario students go on strike for the  fall semester as they have indicated, this could go national in no time at all. People are ready, they don’t all just know it yet.

Mark August 22 in your calendars.

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