Turcot Meeting Tonight

Sorry to post at the last minute but there is a Turcot meeting tonight at CEDA.

2515, rue Delisle, Montréal, Metro Lionel Groulx

Ce soir, au CEDA a 19h, c’est la suite a la consultation de la STM envers le reamenagement de Lionel Groulx en preparation pour le project Turcot.  Le Committee Citoyen pour un Meilleur Turcot va tenir une reunion informel apres la presentation.

2 responses to “Turcot Meeting Tonight

  1. I understand that the city and/or STM have big plans for the open area around Lionel-Groulx. What they hopefully take into consideration is that it is one of only a few green spaces in Montreal and that neighbourhood. Also if you map the area, you’ll see that a potential train corridor exists between the Lionel-Groulx metro station and the major CN trainline to the airport, West Island and potentially the south shore. Developing this land commercially or privately would be a disservice to many potential future improvements to the future of public transit in Montreal.

    Also noteworthy is that buses to Lionel-Groulx have no convenient turnabout close to the metro. Hopefully this is the improvement they will implement.

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