Casserole in Verdun – Sunday

A bit of rain falling may have discouraged some tonight as there was not as many as usual at the church at De l’Eglise and Wellington. Still, it seems that if you bang a pot or pan for 15 minutes you get the urge to move. There is something wonderful and primitive about this beat and around 8:30 people started to walk on the street.

As we approached Willibrord a cop car ahead seemed to be preventing the crowd from entering that street and there was some mild confusion for a few minutes. Turns out the police were actually escorting the Verdun avenue group down and soon we were merged and moving again. Everyone was delighted and there was a huge surge in energy. The usual people on their balconies banged their pots. Don’t let the media fool you. There is tons of support being shown along these nightly routes.

And it needs to be said that the cops are doing a great job of keeping marchers and automobile traffic separated. Ironically, as these evenings are all about protesting a government bill that severely limits the abilities of groups to protest in public, the police and the “Casserolers” are showing the world how it should be done.

2 responses to “Casserole in Verdun – Sunday

  1. Yes, there seemed to be a bit of fatigue at first amongst the protesters, but each minute brought more people. I’m guessing that the protests may not grow spectacularly from here, but that they will be steady (I hope). Each night there are some new faces, some others skip a night and come back the next day. I know I’m tired! So I didn’t stay as long, but I’ll be back! We need endurance!

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