Casserole in Verdun – Friday

Only got 2 in before my camera conked out. At first it seemed like there wasn’t as many people as Thursday but another group marched down from Verdun along 1st and the two groups merged at Williborord and headed back up, so it was a pretty good turnout, despite the intense lightning and rain storm that dropped not long after things got going.

It is an incredible thing. People just show up at 8 and bang their  pots and pans and around 8:15 you start walking. No leaders, no instructions, just tag along. The thing that stands out the most for me these last three nights is the joy on people’s faces. You see no anger at all, nowhere. It’s as if people are saying, “Charest, we do not like what you are doing, and we are not afraid”, in a way never seen before, calm, with dignity, and a very proud sense of community. The only thing I can think of to compare it to is the Estonians singing away the Soviets.  If you care about this country, Bang A Pan!

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