Casserole in Verdun – Thursday Edition

On Wednesday there was perhaps 80- 100 people walking. Tonight the crowd was much bigger, 500? The first video is at 8pm. They started marching at 8:15 and the final video was taken at 9:45. This is beginning to look like a great exercise in community building. We should make this a tradition, La Nuit des Casseroles, in the last week of May. This is so bloody simple, pure genius!


3 responses to “Casserole in Verdun – Thursday Edition

  1. It’s actually quite hilarious,it is peaceful enough (maybe not noisewise – lol)
    Good video ‘neath’ …….. LesF

    • That is the key ‘have fun’ with it, but get the message across, I believe that the Occupy movement was a good idea (perhaps idealistic) but it ran out of steam,because people don’t have the time or long term focus to see things through a realistic end. I read your follow up to these stories (you need to carry a spare
      “Fatigue makes cowards of us all” – Vince Lombardi
      …and I bet that’s what the govt is hoping for fatigue & a loss of stomach for the fight. However if they stick with it,they just may win (something).
      Keep us informed ‘neath’ .thanks . – Les

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