Meet The Residents

Meet the Residents is the first full-length release from avant-garde group The Residents. It was released in 1974 on Ralph Records.

The cover is a parody of Meet the Beatles!The Beatles‘ second US album release. EMI andCapitol were angry with the cover and threatened to sue (though it is rumored that George Harrison or Ringo Starr loved the cover and bought a copy).[3] Later re-releases of the record changed the cover but kept a Beatles parody on the back, listing The Residents as “John Crawfish, George Crawfish, Paul McCrawfish, and Ringo Starfish”, with illustrations of the applicable sea creatures wearing Beatles suits.

The original pressing of the album sold only forty copies in its first year[citation needed] with most being returned to the publisher unopened.[4] CD releases of the album in 1988 included tracks from the 1972 double single “Santa Dog“. The first vinyl pressing was unedited in mono, the second (and subsequent) pressing was edited by about seven minutes, but presented in stereo. The first CD pressing was the first edition to be fully unedited in stereo, but subsequent CD editions have reverted to the edited master. From here.

The Residents are an American art collective best known for avant-garde music and multimediaworks. The first official release under the name of The Residents was in 1972, and the group has since released over sixty albums, numerous music videos and short films, three CD-ROM projects and ten DVDs. They have undertaken seven major world tours and scored multiple films. Pioneers in exploring the potential of CD-ROM and similar technologies, The Residents have won several awards for their multimedia projects. Ralph Records, a record label focusing on avant-garde music, was started by The Residents.

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I first heard this album at a friend’s place in Vancouver in 1977. We used to joke that “Smelly Tongues” was the No 1 song in the world, permanently stuck atop the charts worldwide, and no one could do anything about it.


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