Stop Online Spying hits 100k: Canadians are an inspiration

The Stop Online Spying petition just hit 100,000 signatures. This places the petition in historic territory; it is now one of Canada’s largest online petitions and grassroots campaigns ever. This seems like a good moment for recognition and reflection as we move on to the next phase of the campaign.

The beginning

When we launched the Stop Online Spying campaign with a coalition of groups back in June 2011, we called on Canadians to stand up for their right to privacy and free expression. We were immediately taken aback by the passion and dedication they showed.

After Parliament resumed last fall, we knew we needed to scale up the the campaign, so we called on Canadians to educate their fellow Canadians through these citizen-produced short videos. You came through! The videos have been viewed over 120,000 times, and were picked up by national TV news on several occasions. Bowing to this pressure, the government pulled the lawful access bills out of the omnibus crime bill, marking a major milestone for the campaign.

Flash forward to 2012: we knew that the online spying legislation would be tabled early in the year, so we got to work immediately. We helped other groups in the Stop Online Spying Coalition to organize a series of screenings and forums. Later, we revealed that the police were busy using your tax dollars to have law enforcement officials scrape together excuses for warrantless access to private information. This revelation made it abundantly clear that the online spying scheme is a solution in search of a problem.

Full page here.

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