Sometimes I just really, really like Twitter.

Some recent tweets.

I’m blasting this song in the office right now, and I don’t care who knows. Click it, it’s worth it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpGEeneO-t0 #TellVicEverything

@toewsvic What should I make for dinner? You know my preferences. #TellVicEverything

Thrilled to realize we have enough eggs to make the banana cake I’m craving. #TellVicEverything

Dear @ToewsVic. My nose is bleeding. Should I tilt my head backwards or forwards? #TellVicEverything

Long day is over. Gonna go home, take off pants and watch TV#TellVicEverything

In case the RCMP are looking for him @ToewsVic, my husband just went pee. #TellVicEverything

Tip: That funny talking man on the Godfather is not Dom DeLuise.#TellVicEverything

 @ToewsVic I just put Franks Hot Sauce on my potatoes! I put that $#!@ on Everything! #TellVicEverything
Hey, @ToewsVic I am going to eat another bowl of Kale chips in bed, then turn out my lights and let what happens happen!#TellVicEverything
The Revolution is on! (And it’s almost as good as Monty Python).

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