La Chinoise

Released one year before the student protests in Paris in 1968 this film is still relevant in this time of the Occupy movement. Below is a description I like.

“Godard does not entirely dismiss the five radicals’ failed ideology as the product of naïveté and entrenchment in bourgeois norms, but his willingness to posit this as a possibility shows how well he tempers his own radicalism with a more holistic view of politics. “The revolution is not like a gala dinner,” says more than one character, and Véronique goes so far as to call for the destruction of France’s artistic institutions to ensure firmer commitment to the cause. Yet Godard, as ever, believes that the only true constant in life, the only invariably rewarding belief, is faith in the arts. Politics are messy, but art is pure. That underlying theme makes La Chinoise so surprisingly enchanting and viscerally entertaining in addition to its thoughtful ruminations, and the most radical element of the film is the director’s willingness to examine both sides of the coin when so many revolutionaries are scarcely better than propagandists.” From this page.

La Chinoise

Bonus Link  Noam Chomsky: “Students Should Become Anarchists” 


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