Low budget sci fi noir from Godard, you can do a lot worse.

“Lemmy Caution is a secret agent with the code number of 003 from “the Outlands”. Entering Alphaville in his Ford Mustang,[3] he poses as a journalist named Ivan Johnson, and claims to work for the FigaroPravda. He wears a tan overcoat that stores various items such as aM1911A1 Colt Commander automatic pistol. He carries the then new cheap Instamatic camera with him and photographs everything he sees, particularly the things that would ordinarily be unimportant to a journalist. Despite the futuristic setting, references made in the film still set the action in the twentieth century.”


Some of you may want to check out the four minute shot that begins when Lemmy gets out of his car to enter the hotel in the clip below.

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