Traffic Problems Were Predictable

MUHC ado about traffic

Wayne Larsen for The Westmount Examiner

“At a public meeting held last Tuesday at the Crowley Arts Centre – itself suffering from accessibility issues caused by the MUHC project, as it is situated just south of the blocked-off section of Decarie at de Maisonneuve – it was announced that regular users of the St. Jacques Street access ramp from the Ville Marie Expressway will have to find alternate routes over the next seven months. The reason for this, officials stated, is that the ramp will be closed for the construction of a St. Jacques entrance to the hospital site. That work is scheduled to start next week and continue through late summer.

Not only that, but the St. Jacques overpass that crosses Decarie is slated to be demolished next year as part of the massive Turcot Interchange project. If provincial transport officials’ estimates are accurate, that should inconvenience local motorists for about a year and a half – hardly an attractive proposition for commuters. Add to this roadwork on neighbouring arteries and the possible closing of the Vendome metro station for the necessary renovations for hospital access and we have a situation that transcends mere inconvenience.”

Full story on this page.

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