Liberals Vote To Legalize Marijuana

The Liberal Party of Canada voted to legalize marijuana at it’s convention this weekend. It is the most dramatic option chosen by any federal party in my lifetime and the ultimate rebuttal to Stephen Harper’s  devious Crime Bill.

OTTAWA – Federal Liberals are taking some risky departures from the cautious political norm in a bid to put their once-mighty party back on the electoral map.

They overwhelmingly approved Sunday a resolution calling for the legalization and regulation of marijuana — a position immediately endorsed in principle by interim leader Bob Rae, although it remains to be seen how, or if, the resolution translates into a platform plank for the next election.

“Let’s face up to it, Canada, the war on drugs has been a complete bust,” Rae declared in a closing speech to a three-day Liberal renewal convention.” Full story here.


Harper’s Crime Bill, which stubbornly and fanatically refuses to listen to the American failure of “Tough On Crime”,  would get even tougher on marijuana growers, users and dealers in what is probably the most outdated,  ultra expensive, and unnecessary legislation that any government in Canada has ever sent to it’s stacked Senate.

The Liberals have just completely changed the conversation.



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