Madrid Rio

Awesome reclamation project in Madrid, Spain, shows us once again how Turcot is shaping up as a totally blown opportunity. As cities around the world tear down elevated freeways, eliminate congested roadways, here in Quebec we have decided that the ideal thing to replace a freeway with is (drumroll) another freeway!

The video below also mentions how the Madrid project placed an emphasis on opening views of the old city. Here, the Griffintown development is going to block some of the most wonderful views of downtown available. There is a 1% get to live there 99% get their views taken away mentality with that Griffintown project and it’s usually called elitism.



3 responses to “Madrid Rio

  1. I was lucky enough to visit Madrid a couple of summers back, and yeah, they’re doing wonderful things over there. An eminently walkable city, even when you happen to be walking on top of their newly buried M30. Their city is a different animal than ours though. The density that you see in the core goes on and on for kilometers in every direction. The number of people per square km in the neighbourhood of the Turcot is 0 in comparison. While I’d love to see the highways out of sight and out of mind as much as you would, the additional cost of doing so scares the living crap out of me. Watching a $3 billion project eat up $6B of public funds is not a pretty proposition. Watching a $10B project turn into a $40B sinkhole… much less so. It’s an incompetent and corrupt society we live in. Keeping our ambitions in check reduces human suffering. Pathetic point of view to take, I know…

  2. WOW … Outstanding! Awesome bridge designs among other things. How was it funded and how long did it take? Why is it so difficult to transfer the knowledge from many examples around the world… ? Thanks for sharing Neath. Happy New Year and keep up the good work.

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