RAINFOREST The Limit of Splendour – In Montreal This Week

It’s one of the most majestic natural areas in Canada. Over an area the size of Belgium, Vancouver Island, bordered on its west coast by the Pacific Ocean, is the site of one of the last temperate rainforests in the world. There, in the crowns of the giant thousand-year-old cedars and firs, an absolutely exceptional and still-unknown flora and fauna has developed. An eco-tourist’s dream? Not really. This corner of paradise is also being sold, parcel by parcel, by the government to forestry companies. It’s a catastrophe that will lead, if nothing is done, to the disappearance of this natural jewel within 15 years. Filmmaker Richard Boyce, an inhabitant of the island for years, introduces us to the people fighting to preserve it.

20h00 Wednesday Nov 16 Cassavetes | Cinéma excentris, 3536 St Laurent, followed by Q&A with Director

13h00 Saturday Nov 19 Grande Bibliothèque, 475 Boulevard de Maisonneuve Est
SCREENING followed by DEBATE ‘SUSTAINABLE FORESTRY, IS IT POSSIBLE?’ In Collaboration with Coeur Des Sciences de L’UQAM


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