Westlake Tavern – 21 Bars #2 (Updated)

Continuing this series on the 21 bars in Point Saint Charles during the 50’s and 60’s.

Here’s a story from Sherry (Duplessis) Hummel that appeared in the comments section a while back.

“Westlake Tavern was right on the corner of Favard and Congregation. Perfect local when everyone got out of the train yards after work – right across the street was a corner store where I would go in as a young girl with a note from Mum for items she wanted, they would bag it up and the owner would write in a book how much it was. At the end of each week, Mum would go in and pay the bill – they also gave us stamps that Mum put into a booklet and we’d get things such as casserole dishes etc for free after so many stamps.”

I could be wrong here but I think the top photo is of Westlake Tavern and the bottom one is where the grocery store used to be. Please comment if you know otherwise.

2 more uploaded October 12



Ok, so from what Sherry says below  Westlake Tavern was in the top picture of the second group – good thing I took pictures of all 4 corners. But I have to admit that I am not quite absolutely sure which one was the store…Help? 🙂

I can remember those stamps for Steinberg’s and possibly other stores in Verdun. Were they called “green stamps” ?

Was this the closest bar to the CNR complex? Thirsty workers could have come from Sebastopol and walked along Favard or they could have walked the one block down Congregation from the main gates.


Took a picture of some CNR buildings a few weeks ago and since then they have started tearing one of them down.

Looks like someone is packing up those old bricks.

See the original picture on this post.

5 responses to “Westlake Tavern – 21 Bars #2 (Updated)

  1. Westlake (I’m not sure east west etc) was on the corner of Congregation and Favard – the side closer to Sebastor Pool Street and heading to Wellington (x is Westlake) – L is the opposite side of Congregation heading towards Magdellin Street and across from the store. Near the corner of Wellington on the store side was St Joseph’s House.

    L lX -to Sebastor Pool

  2. Westlake Tavern is the 3rd picture down, Grey building, it was at 501 Congregation St. and there used to be a barber shop 2 doors down on Congregation Street in the same building, run by a Mr. Meloche if I remember correctly. We used to live there before we moved upstairs above the tavern. A family by the name of James lived upstairs above the barber shop. The grocery store and butcher shop was catercorner from the tavern and was owned by a Beauchamp Family. On the other corner was a candy store. This goes back to the 40’s and earlier as I moved out of the point in the early 50’s. Families I remember were the Hebert’s, Lister, Carey, Coyle’s, Adamson who lived on the Magdalen street, Stacey’s, Smiths, Heathcote, etc. I went to Riverside School.
    Remember the bonfires on the corner on May 24th and the Salvation Army playing outside your home if you were ill. Lots of good memories.

  3. I always thought the red building the first was the bar and the third one was the general store with the shelves and jars behind the counter.

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