Bike Symphony, Arcade Fire, POP Montreal, Basketball Game

Hey folks,

Thank you for expressing interest in helping out with DRONES/Revelations, the bike symphony that Richard Reed Parry is composing for POP Montreal.  The symphony will be premiering during half-time of the POP vs Jock Charity Basketball Game on September 24th. Event information is here.  All proceeds for the event go to J Sports Club, a non-profit charity organization in Montreal’s South-West borough that offers programs in sports and education to youth between 7 and 17 years of age.

For DRONES/Revelations, we need 12-15 volunteers riding bikes around the basketball court with a speaker/boombox strapped to your bike.  Each bike will be playing a different instrumental section of the piece and will also be equipped with a unique arrangement of bike lights.  The event takes place at the McGill University Sports Centre, 475 Pine Avenue West.

The schedule for the afternoon/evening would be as follows:

1:00 – 2:00 – Rehearsal/Soundcheck 
3:30 – Doors open
4:30 – Tip off
[[Halftime: 60min]]
7:00 – Game end

You will be required to be at the Rehearsal/Soundcheck from 1-2 and then be back at the gym for tip-off at 4:30.  Richy will be there for the whole afternoon and will lead you guys through what needs to happen.  It should be pretty straightforward — just riding in circles and figuring out the balance of sound that works best.  The game will be really fun and should be a nice rowdy warm-up to our half-time show.  During halftime, Regine Chassagne will be playing organ and Kid Koala will also be performing.   We are looking for each volunteer to bring their own bike (some of you asked about Bixis — you can feel free to bring a Bixi but, the time commitment is a few hours and we cannot cover the costs of the Bixi rental).  If you also have an iPod or iPhone that can be plugged into the speaker on your bike, we would love for you to bring that as well, though it is not required.  We will have bike and sound technicians on hand to make sure that your iPods/iPhones and bikes are well-treated.

We are also collecting as many old boomboxes as we can get our hands on so if you have access to any of those, let us know!!  We’re working with an expert circuit bender to rig up systems for each bike.

It should be a really fun afternoon.  We would love to have you participate.

If you are still available and interested, please send me your full name, your phone number, a little basic info about the type of bike you will bring (all bikes welcome!) and if you will also be able to bring an iPod/iPhone.

Thanks again for your interest.
We look forward to hearing from you.


Maureen Towey

Maureen Towey
Arcade Fire
Creative Director


2 responses to “Bike Symphony, Arcade Fire, POP Montreal, Basketball Game

  1. Hi Maureen,
    Not sure if you are aware, but 1700 of McGill’s workers have been on strike for two weeks. We are trying to encourage everyone to respect the picket lines, and not cross onto campus until the strike is resolved.

    We love POPMontreal and Arcade Fire (and bikes!), and realize it may be difficult for you to rearrange this event, but in times like these any sign of support is hugely important. The campus community, including the McGill Daily and SSMU, have thrown their support behind the strike, with many events being moved off campus to respect the lines and the workers.

    We’d encourage you to check out for more info on the issues, or get in touch with us directly!

    (McGill University Non-Academic Certified Association)

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