5 responses to “CNR Yards, Pointe Saint Charles

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  2. Can’t say, but my office used to be in the building shown in the second picture you have posted!

    I was the “Works Engineer” at the CN PSC shops for a few years in the mid seventies and my office was on the second floor – rage windows under the peak of the roof – front centre of the building.

    The works manager’s office was on the ground floor, left side when facing the front of the building – accounting offices on the right side.

    At that time, the building was referred to as the “Front Office.”

    Many fond memories! Now retired from CN since 1998!

    Brian M.

    • My dad was chief clerk under C R Buskard1940 to 1960 when he died. I apprenticed and was electrician until 1963. Lots of good memories.

      • I remember you Dad, I worked with him from 1959 to 1962 in the Front Office, Under Mr Buskard, Tommy Fitzgerald, Mr Baker, prior to joining the Canadian Forces,

  3. Hello Art,
    I worked with C.R. Buskard’s son Trav at CN and we still keep in touch, both retired now for quite some time! I believe another son apprenticed also as an electrician but then left CN – not sure if he completed his apprenticeship.

    Sad to see what has become of the old place !


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