CNR Yards, Pointe Saint Charles

A few buildings still standing (sort of). Anyone know what’s going on with this site these days?

The Griffintown development is not just going to screw the view of the city from along the canal but from a few good vantage spots in The Point as well.


5 responses to “CNR Yards, Pointe Saint Charles

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  2. Can’t say, but my office used to be in the building shown in the second picture you have posted!

    I was the “Works Engineer” at the CN PSC shops for a few years in the mid seventies and my office was on the second floor – rage windows under the peak of the roof – front centre of the building.

    The works manager’s office was on the ground floor, left side when facing the front of the building – accounting offices on the right side.

    At that time, the building was referred to as the “Front Office.”

    Many fond memories! Now retired from CN since 1998!

    Brian M.

    • My dad was chief clerk under C R Buskard1940 to 1960 when he died. I apprenticed and was electrician until 1963. Lots of good memories.

      • I remember you Dad, I worked with him from 1959 to 1962 in the Front Office, Under Mr Buskard, Tommy Fitzgerald, Mr Baker, prior to joining the Canadian Forces,

  3. Hello Art,
    I worked with C.R. Buskard’s son Trav at CN and we still keep in touch, both retired now for quite some time! I believe another son apprenticed also as an electrician but then left CN – not sure if he completed his apprenticeship.

    Sad to see what has become of the old place !


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