In May and June I spent my weekends walking every lane in Verdun just photographing things as I went along. Unlike Turcot, which was a journey of discovery, these lane walks are riddled with memories and uncanny and vague references to growing up and adolescence. I decided the trick might be to try and just  shoot things as though it was my first time seeing them, as difficult as that can be.  I don’t know if I succeeded, because I had no real expectations, but that was what pulled me along, to see the familiar as new,  at least how time transforms things or doesn’t. So yet another  journey of discovery, no matter how much my instincts, and knowledge, told me otherwise. I have about 3000 images and my plan was to just let the discs sit in a drawer until the fall when I could start to edit them and basically see what, if anything, I came up with.  Knowing me I will probably head back in Fall and Winter and probably the Spring.

Here are three more or less random images.


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