Canadians Demanding The Resignation Of Senator Pamela Wallin

Dear Editor,

Senator Pamela Wallin is a paid director of an oilsands exploration company, Oil Sands Quest. Meanwhile, she is also being paid by the Government of Canada to represent the common good, as a senator.

Senator Wallin helped kill the only… climate legislation which made it through our last parliament, Bill C-311. She considered it a “nuisance” bill.

I am joining with others in calling on her to resign, because she is clearly in a conflict of interest. To learn more, see the Facebook group, “Canadians Demanding the Resignation of Sentaor Pamela Wallin”.

We know that investing in clean energy and conservation is the least we can do to protect the earth’s ability to sustain complex life forms, including human civilization. It would also contribute to creating a healthier, more just economy.

Pamela Wallin, indeed all Canadians, need to listen carefully to what Kai Nagata told us when he gave up a job he loved and that he excelled at, as CTV’s Quebec City Bureau Chief, at age 24.

“On climate change, the conclusion I am forced to draw is that the current federal government has completely abdicated its responsibility. The message to my generation is: figure it out yourselves. The dogmatic refusal to accept that people have created this crisis and people must do what they can to avert ir reminds me of the flat earth crew. Except this time, we really are going to sail off the edge.”

Sincerely, Jan Slakov


From the Facebook group, Canadians Demanding The Resignation Of Senator Pamela Wallin


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