Excellent article on the saga of Club Cleopatra in Three Dollar Bill.

“but owner Johnny Zoumboulakis – a fabulous guy who buys me a shot every time I walk into the joint – refused to let Montreal Mayor Gérald Tremblay do to the Main what NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani did to Times Square.”

Disney, Go Home, indeed!

And the whole Quartier des Spectacles project lost tons of credibility – anyone who has half an open mind and likes night club entertainment knows that you can’t beat a drag queen performance for full show biz entertainment value, and they are laughing with you, baby, never at you!

It’s also about Heritage, and the diversity/reality of downtown life, and who cares what they think in the suburbs?

This has been the greatest victory for any community in Montreal during the Slash /Burn /And We Don’t Know  Why / Tremblay era. I am very proud of the people who fought for this  against what seemed insurmountable odds. Now if we can only get some some positive action going on in the rest of the city, it could be a summer to remember!

Or maybe we should simply ask, what would Jimmy Zoumboulakis do? Sounds like a good point of departure to me.


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