Brigette DePape

The new breed of Canadian hero.


6 responses to “Brigette DePape

  1. Supporting this is a good thing , people wake up to the fact that this government is wanting more power to make desisions for us citizens and then tell us how its going to be. Last time I checked its us thats paying them for a service for our good , voted in by some, so can be voted out . To call it anarchy is old and controlling. What are they afraid of ? Seems its a 21 year old, who sees the light.

  2. What this young woman did was inspiring and necessary. Her reasons, although she didn’t state it this way, were that the Harper government is a major promotor of neoliberalism. That is, it intends to use government to further the interests of capitalist enterprises. Neoliberals typically want to discredit the state, thus freeing up private enterprise to assume more control over societies. They enact laws to make it easier for capitalists to make money, including by minimizing environmental protections and labour laws. They add to public debt by, for example, spending huge amounts of money on military equipment and personnel and ‘war’ efforts. This then helps them to justify cuts to social programmes, such as health care and old age security. She mentioned many of these tactics without naming them as typical acts of neoliberalism. The Harper government also, however, is a supporter of neoconservatism. So, it is likely they will enact legislation that favours elitism and traditional family values. They will oppose alternative definitions of marriage and abortion. They will toughen laws on crime, making it easier for people to become labelled as ‘criminals.’ Indeed, as she said, they plan to expand the prison system.
    Ms. DePape is an inspiration because she has called for a veritable Arab Spring…which is an unfortunate term…but she means we need mass rallies and other acts of resistance to stop or overthrow Stephen Harper and his destructive government.

  3. Well Brigette DePape must be proud of the the Vancouver fans reaction to their team’s loss! Wasn’t that her message?”If you can’t win within the rules, make trouble!” Too bad she didn’t go with “Hold your breath until you turn blue, then grey”

  4. Her behavior was quite peaceful and her message at least was passionate about her country. Canucks fans, on the other hand, were violent, and passionately so over a game that has zero impact on how the rest of us will live until the next time the Stanley Cup is presented.

    Stop Harper!

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