Tom Waits – In The Colosseum

Uploaded by RaoulAcosta on Jan 20, 2010

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the audio used in this video. The music is owned by Tom Waits and his record label.
The song was ripped from the album “Bone Machine” which can be bought from any major music retailer – including those online. It is pure awesome and worth every penny – so you might as well buy it.
Amateur music video for the Tom Waits song.
The footage was filmed by me, mainly in the Colosseum in Rome. It is infact the exact same footage used in the “Everybody’s Gonna Be Happy” video – but edited to fit the mood of this beautifully grim song better.
The video was edited with Sony Vegas Platinum.
The logo and name at the beginning is a reference to Stanley Kubrick’s use of subliminal symbols and messages.
I made this for my own enjoyment and to practice digital editing.

Lyrics follow the jump –
The women all control their men
With razors and with wrists
And the princess squeezes grape juice
On a torrid bloody kiss
What will you be wearing there
The lion or the raven hair?
The flesh will all be tearing
But the tail will be my own
In the colosseum tonight

This one’s for the balcony
And this one’s for the floor
As the senators decapitate
The presidential whore
The bald headed senators
Are splashing in the blood
The dogs are having someone
Who is screaming in the mud
In the colosseum tonight

Now it’s raining and it’s pouring
On the pillaging and goring
The constable is swinging
From the chains
For the dead there is no story
No memory no blame
Their families shout blue murder
But tomorrow it’s the same
In the colosseum

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