Sauvons le bois Angell – Save Angell Woods

We are running out of nature on the Island of Montreal and developers are going after what’s left. We need these valuable green spaces like Angell Woods!

“The City of Beaconsfield will be reviewing the zoning for Angell Woods. Saving Angell Woods is not an obvious solution for everyone. Many still see the area as a prime site for high density residential, industrial development and will be lobbying for that result. We have to speak up to ensure that the majority community view prevails.

La Ville de Beaconsfield prévoit revoir le zonage du Bois Angell. Protéger le Bois Angell n’est pas une solution partagée par tous. Plusieurs le perçoivent comme étant un site pour un développement de haute densité résidentiel ou industriel et exercent beaucoup de pression. Nous devons nous assurer que la volonté de la communauté prime.”

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One response to “Sauvons le bois Angell – Save Angell Woods

  1. It would be nice to describe where this area is. I hunted around and discovered this is a five-minute bike ride from where I grew up — but I have never heard the term Angell Woods in my life.

    (It’s between the 40 and the 20, north of the Woodland Exit.)

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