Quebec Should Be Fighting Sprawl Not Creating More!

Excellent article in the Gazette talks about recommendations from a couple of ecologically concerned groups. Also completely lost on the politicians of the day is the fact that giving climate change the fight of our lives would create more permanent, and useful, jobs than the status quo could ever hope to produce. But, hell, this is a nation where Stephen Harper just got a majority because people believe he will do good things for the economy, NOT! Here are some recommendations from the article.

— stop increasing road and highway capacity

— invest massively in public transit capacity over the next 20 years ($1 billion on average per year)

— invest $5 to $10 million more per year in cycling infrastructure over the next 20 years.

— introduce a Bixi-style bike sharing system in every municipality with more than 20,000 residents

— double hydrocarbon royalties and invest this additional revenue of $200 million per year into public transit

— allow municipalities to increase gas taxes according to public transit needs

— build more subsidized housing units in central neighbourhoods and the inner ring of suburbs

-densify and revitalize downtown areas

— slap stiff surcharges on gas-guzzling vehicles (for example, $3000 on vehicles that burn more than 10 litres per 100 km) to fund rebates on energy efficient vehicles and public transit.

Full article here.

I have been saying for over 5 years that what we choose to do at Turcot is going to pretty much decide what kind of world we are going to live in when the climate change going gets tough. Currently we just have our heads in the sand.

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