4 responses to “New Stuff

  1. Your photo ? Nice composition.

    As this grows, I hope the themes start to emerge early on so that the photos influence a sort of collective effort around Montreal venues. Just got word of a café-gallery on St. Jacques across from Lionel-Groulx metro and want to see my people up on the walls. (Self-promo of an esthetic, why not?)

    I’m looking forward to mix between action photojournalism and urban enviro structures work. We know that it’s getting better here day by day.

  2. Armatta 3255 rue St. Jacques The café-gallerie about 2 blocks west of Atwater. To check out the photographer on the walls – http://stillephotography.com/

    I will review the place and work of James Andrew Rosen after I see it again.

    It would be bad news to do it here now. I’m in a crappy mood. After I drop by RESO (which has moved into new digs about a block east of Robert Armada’s place) tomorrow morning, I will be in a better position to say something because I’ll take in Armatta’s again. But all the auto traffic in all of St-Henri is getting me down. RESO has got me down. Thank the lordofwhatever for the great weather . . for us.

    What this means is that as soon as there is more traffic INSIDE Armatta and less OUTSIDE – with a pulse going thanks to clientele – then it will be UPLIFTING.

    At a minimum James Andrew Rosen exhibits a collection of pin-hole camera work printed using dot matrix; exhibited in light boxes; which is definitely a photo experience. Again, though your monitor screen does not do J.A.R. justice, go to http://stillephotography.com/

  3. Back. Robert Armatta is a good guy. Working on his French, he’s from Ontario. Says his is a venue for emerging artists. Since selling work is ‘so hard’ in Montreal, he wants to give it another stab.

    Vernacular – in Verdun we’ve had good venues. Maybe two have survived. They knew how to put the ‘draw’ on the plates, not on the walls. Armatta is all wall. A few sofas. chairs & a couple tiny tables.

    See Walking Turcot Yards top post today, 13 May 2011. There will be so many anarchists pouring out of Metro Lionel Groulx on 21 & 22 mai for the Anarchist Book Fair at CEDA that I recommended to Robert he stay open that week-end and post his place as a local diversion for the attendees. He didn’t get the message and will be closed on week-ends.

    Local wisdom after Oreille de Van Gogh and bookstore Pages bit the dust may suggest going minimalist and paying the rent with the artwork sold. For Armatta’s sake, I hope so
    Armatta Galerie de Photographie Émergente / Art Contemporain
    3255 rue St-Jacques armatta.ca

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